// Snowmads Travel Balkan

// Snowmads Travel Balkan // Mazedonia - Kosovo // 2019 //

" you know ... once this Tito guy came, and built a chairlift ... but it only worked one season!"

It all started with an incoming call. We were just about to fit the 4th pair of skis into my car, to go for a morning shred in one of the local ski resorts. The new year had welcomed us with a huge amount of powder, and the snowfall was not showing signs of stopping. What i was expecting was a call from any other local skier, asking for a shuttle to the ski resort. But unlike my believe it was Jules from the Snowmads Crew, asking whether I wanted to join him skiing. But the mountains he started talking about were a little further away then the Austrian Alps. And without hesitation, i agreed to join the crew on a ski-exploring-trip to the Balkans.

 Just a few weeks later, I found myself, quite exhausted, hungry and a cold from the strong winds on the summit of Mount Gjeravica, the highest peak of Kosovo. What was lying behind of us was a skitrip, that was way more than hitting cliffs and finding creative lines. But to be honest, it took me quite some time to realize that. What was way more important than the freeski-action-pics we made were those little things in between. All those incredible hospitable people we learned to know, all the new friends we made. It was all about this overall-experience and getting to know a culture, that was so different to ours in some ways, yet so similar. And those stories about life, the mountains and the troubled history of this piece of land the locals told us, sitting next to the open fire, became a lasting impression.

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